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We are six students, taking up the subject Film Appreciation at St. Scholastica's College - Manila. Suzanne Natividad, Trishika Medina, Francel Festin, Grace Manongtong, Kimberly Sicutad and Vanessa Estinozo make up the 5th group of that particular course. Posted here are some of the activities we do for the subject.


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  Film Review: Mga Munting Lihim Jose Javier Reyes

MGA MUNTING LIHIM (Director's Showcase)
Jose Javier Reyes

The Film is about the Untold Secrets, Insights of Mariel who died Because of Cancer. She left her diaries with her Best friend Carly.  At first Carly was so curious why Mariel gave all her diaries to her she was afraid of reading those diaries because she thinks that those are private things of Mariel. But she was so confused and feel curious about it that's why she started reading it. While she was browsing and reading the diaries a lot of revelations came out about their friendship. Backstabbing, and the Things that they hate and also the negative sides of each of them. Despite of their differences they remain friends and they try to talk and discuss what Mariel wrote on her diary. 

 I really enjoyed watching Mga Munting Lihim because it deals with friendship and i think it also happen in reality . We can easily understand and we can easily adapt certain situation in the film. This movie portrays how unrevealed things can ruined friendship. Just like in the movie they have different personalities, traits and Lifestyle but still they became friends.  Friendship doesn't mean when you feel that their is something wrong with your friend you can just tell and slap it to their faces. There are things that you just don't want to open or tell so things won't be  more complicated. Sometimes we need to express ourselves so people would know who we are as a friend. I learn so many things strategies in this movie.  "Some friends come and go like a season. Others are arranged in our lives for good reason."---Sharita Gadison




REquieme! (New Breed) 

Loy Arcenas

The film was about the chair of Sta. Maria named Swannie. Who uses the wake of a criminal turned celebrity killer to Gain Points for the Election.  The story also deals with A runaway son who went away from his family named Joaanna. At first the story was about the Famous designer who had been killed in the other country and the killer was a filipino and Swannie claimming to be the relative of the killer.  I had fun watching this film because i can see that it is more true to life because of some politician now a days who will just help other people when Election is near. They will use that strategies to gain fame and points so people will remember them and Vote them. I was also amaze with Joanna in the film Because despite that he really want to have a "Boobs" he gave some of his savings to his neighbor to have a proper Burial even though they are not related with each other. I like the flow of the story because i kept on guessing and analyzing what will happen next. The Film also show different kinds of people that we are going to met and also the reality of how other family can't accept their own child for being a gay.

-- Kimberly Anne P. Sicutad
202 C

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